Total Trike by Art In Motion, LLC

Changing Lives – Three Wheels at a Time with Total Trike

Trikes make people happy – why shouldn’t they? Total Trike can help you stay in the wind no matter how many wheels are under you. Or maybe you just want a trike to eliminate the whole balancing act. by Art In Motion LLC offers a wide variety of trike conversion kits, and custom trikes. At Art In Motion LLC’s Kissimmee location, we convert motorcycles to trikes, and build custom trikes from the ground-up.

Total Trike Helps you Make Choices

There are loads of choices when it comes to converting your motorcycle to a trike – We offer trike conversions with bodies, chopper style, conversions that keep your bags, bags that are raised, bags that aren’t.  Fat tire trikes, skinny tire trikes, bare bones trikes guaranteed to splash water on you in a puddle.  And a variety of fenders and fender kits.  If you need special handicap fitment, we can use standard off-the-shelf products such as centrifugal clutches, reverse gears and more, or we can custom fabricate things you need – like a hand grip to assist with getting on the trike or a wheelchair adapter.

Total Trike Supports Brand Freedom

We believe in fitting the brand and the options to the customer.  We have low budget packages for people that need stability, and high end options for people with expensive taste.  We can help you weed through all the options.  Whether it is Lehman Trike Conversion Kits, Champion Trike or Sidecar, Mystery Designs, any of our other brands or a Custom Build, we can help you keep your knees in the breeze.

Use our Trike Kit Finder, call (407) 847-0119 or fill in the form below to learn more about our trike conversions.