Independent Suspension

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The parts of the trike conversion called “suspension” suspend the driver and passenger from the ground.   This keeps your body and spine from feeling every single bump and hole in the road.  This is also good if you have a painful back and don’t like the hard feel of a stiff suspension. There are two primary types of suspension in practice on trike conversions:  independent suspension and fixed axle suspension.

Independent Suspension
Independent Suspension by Mystery Designs

Independent Suspension Gives You a Soft Ride

When a trike has independent rear suspension each rear wheel moves vertically independent of the other.   This kind of conversion kit has the most parts of any trike conversion kit. Independent suspension kits are usually the most expensive type of conversion.    Each kit manufacturer has features that sets them apart from each other.  Here are some examples of independent suspension for your trike:

  • Lehman  calls their version “limited lean suspension”.  In this version , both sides of the suspension are connected by a bar. The bar ties two sides together. It limits the amount that the trike leans when cornering.  This helps eliminate that ‘tipping over’ feeling when you turn quickly.
  • Mystery Designs also makes an independent suspension system. Their system  was designed by a NASCAR engineer.  Their design specifically helps with high-speed cornering.  It rides softly. It also corners aggressively without lifting the inside tire.  Their system was built for enhanced performance.  Handling is also greatly improved.  No modification to your frame is needed.  This preserves your motorcycle value.  Only the swing arm needs to be modified to add the kit to the motorcycle.
  • Art In Motion’s custom tuk tuk trikes use a simple leaf-spring suspension.   This is only possible on the Art In Motion frame design.  Your existing motorcycle cannot be retrofitted with this independent leaf spring suspension.  However, Art In Motion can sometimes use your trike components and put them into their custom frame design.